Sunday, 6 July 2014

Quick Desi Dinner - FruitySalad with BananaRoles

After the heavy party nights, the stomach urges some rest and light food. It is a great idea to keep things simple and make up for the vitamins and minerals you regularly miss out on. This is when I look forward to a 10 minute dish 'FruitySalad with BananaRoles'(+10mins for banana roles) goes the recipe

What you Need:-
  1. Honey- 2 Tbps
  2. Fruits all kinds - I'll use Mango, Papaya, Apple, Watermelon 
  3. Garnishing - Fresh Olives, Strawberries, cheddar cheese, parsley
  4. Olive oil- 2 tsps
  5. For Banana Roles - whole firm  ripe bananas - 2 , honey, cottage cheese
  6. salt to taste
  7. fresh pepper
  8. fresh lemon-1
  9. chocolate sauce if you wish
  10. 1 microwavable bowl + 1 serving bowl + 1 serving dish..(Borosil does good)
    Choose your borosil stuff here->

How to Make FruitySalad:-

  1. Prepare - Cut all the fruits you wish to put in the salad. I usually use diamond shaped fruits for this.
  2. Brush some Olive oil on the Lettuce leaves and microwave it for ~ 1+1/2 to 2 minute
    (This is not necessary but it gets slightly cooked and crispy)
  3. Mix all the cut fruits in  a bowl and add honey, salt, pepper to it
  4. Squeeze some lemon on it.
  5. You may add cheddar to this but since we will keep it more healthy we will only use it for garnishing
  6. Your salad is ready, we garnish it a little later
  7. Cut the strawberries, grate the cheddar, keep the fresh olives and parsley leaves ready for garnishing
How to Make Banana Roles:-
  1. Banana Roles are an interesting thing, you'll know
  2. Cut each banana into half horizontally. Make a hole through and through each banana using a marrow spoon/knife.
    (Use firm but sweet bananas or it will get watery on cooking)
  3. Fill the hole up with small bits of cottage cheese and intermittently add honey
  4. Put this in your microwave bowl i.e. borosil and bake it till light brown(microwave high 1 minute) or slightly fry using a saucer
  1. Use a glassware plate, place the bowl on it. The plate should be big enough to accommodate your banana roles.
  2. Garnish your salad using fresh olives, cut strawberries, grated cheddar cheese and parsley leaves
  3. Serve the banana roles on one side and top with honey or even some chocolate sauce
Your dinner is ready, munch into it. Healthy, amazing and quick. Let me know how you make healthy quick dishes?

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