Sunday, 28 October 2018

The Farewell

Have you heard of happy farewells ?
Here's something surprising I will tell you,
When you do something many times,
Even if it's sad, you start to see the silver lining,
That's how I discovered happy farewells

There's a whole mesh in life,
Which is entirely like a mess (in bengali, we say it is 'Maya),
And it would so wonderful to have just wade it away,
But we tend to get involved,
Because we were wired that way or we have been told so,
Our minds are controlling and constantly looking for a life beyond what we have,
Often times not appreciating what we have;

Haven't you felt repent for the lost ?
Grief for the past ?
Want to change and go back to some mess ?
Even though our clear logical minds have drawn good reasons,
It is well know which are the dark territories,
But we are inclined to play with the fire,
And burn again;

In this so called battle and a life we hope to make through,
There are these little 'let go' moments,
The painful goodbyes,
Some very evident,
But then how about seeing the other side of it ?
Every cloud that passes by, makes way for new light to entire,
And hopefully some of it will stay.....hopefully

Friday, 27 July 2018

The Flight

Yesternight I remember,
When I last let the train leave,
And demises have since followed me like horror films,
I lost a friend beyond all,
And my best friend it was,
Such loses can never be made up for,
The tarnish is permanent;

Since then i've been a little cold,
The turbulence is left to my inner beings,
I let go and if people stay,
I understand they really wanted to,
And to them I salute,
For I am not easy to be around,
No real being is,
The unrequited love, sinful insecurities;

So, when it was your turn,
I had to let you go,
I cannot afford to follow the path taken before,
And lose another friend yet again,
But I hoped and I really do,
That maybe things turn out differently,
That some miracle happens,
And you're here again;

That doesn't happen though,
The flight took off,
And you're miles away,
Without the last farewell,
I can't ask you to stay,
Because leaving was important for you,
And yet again,
It goes unsaid,
I so wished that you stayed;

Some friendships foster,
And I believe distance cannot part what's to be,
Time cannot heal,
So it must not even be the reason to part,
So i'll wait yet again like stupid little girl,
Who wants to believe,
And really hopes,
Things will turn out very differently,
And for that, I'll try as long as I don't feel unwanted;

Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Tale Of Expectations

Recently, i’ve come across this school of thought around expectations which I find pretty unrealistic. The idea states that one must have little or no expectation to remain happy. While I completely agree to unrealistic expectations from unknown parties leave us vulnerable, I do not believe the same can be followed in places of love & nurture. Why ? I will try to explain it here. Please Note : It is an abstract thought, so forgive me if I am unable to make my point here. Remember, I will only put forward a perspective (being completely aware of the fact that there are multiple more perspective out there and I equally respect all). Every point describing love is associated with all kinds of love including ‘romantic’, ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘pets’ etc. Love is selfless. Understood. It must not have expectations. ..... ummm why? Scenario 1 : You have a job. You don’t perform (expectation). You are fired. Fair deal ! If in the scenario the numbers are unreal or some other, there may be a logical explanation. The expectation gap handling is a major skill. Scenario 2 : You wake up in the hostel room on your birthday. Your best friend meets you and forgets to wish (expectation). You’re a little upset. He/she probably read your face and makes up. Expectations are majorly linked to how our minds process. Not having expectations can be very unrealistic. ‘No Expectation’ is ironically an expectation in itself. We have expectations, dreams, passion, uncertainty - these are human traits. They make us us. I do believe the cause of disappointment here is not ‘expectation’ rather it is ‘expectation mismatch’. These are two different things. Expectations being an unconscious build up in our brains, we neglect to understand it takes a different shape in everyone’s mind. Some are flexible while some aren’t. So the real skill needed is not ‘expectation neglect’ but ‘expectation gap handling’. Deduction : Like every other thing on earth, love is earned too. Sometimes we take it for granted and it is our duty to manage things as well as possible. We might fail but we will know a home to go back to. Love might be selfless but it is still a 2 way journey. It is okay to expect to be understood in silence sometimes, it is okay to expect to be held in times of helplessness sometimes, it is okay to be oneself. It is not okay to just expect, one must make sure their loved ones feel the same form of security and comfort in their presence. This is how bonds grow ! So, I think, expectations are great. What one needs to know is how to handle the differences and there will be plenty. A deep root analysis is a start. Another article on this one. Feedback : Your thoughts might be different from mine. Do tell me in the comments below. What are your thoughts on expectations ? Picture : That mom and me, just a happy pic :) Didn’t I say love has many different meanings? Can you spot some in our smiles ?

Friday, 22 June 2018

Healing | Just another perspective

To my dear diary, we are back again with just a few more words, a few more tales to tell :)

In a fast paced world,
Some of us often forget,
Bandaids do not heal,
They only cover the outside shell,
The inner beings still hurt,
The little cells shall take their time,
To be full and healthy again;

Jumping from options,
Rejecting the problem at hand,
Is easy and comforting,
But there's one single question that our minds know well,
Were you hurting? Are you healed?

We don't have time for it,
We leave the infection tender,
Making us prone to more,
Sudden blows and cracks,
And with more of the bruises,
We move on,
Burden stacking,
Unable to accept it still hurts,
Shunning the friends who show us the mirror,
For how petrifying it is to be shown,
The gory wounds of oneself;

So, we think we've grown up,
So we think, we can't be hurt,
When there in our minds the truth is clear and bold,
We resort to denial of unhealthy sorts,
And in the process mess up a lot more human contacts,
We no longer see truly what matters,
For the last time it tasted bitter,
So may be this time,
I'll be the one to leave first,
We want to think just like that,
We want to believe we are just that person,
And yet we are not,
For we were made human,
Bound to emotions, fear and more,
And no matter how hard we try,
The shallow will remain shallow,
The passion will be forever missing in depth of bonds we no longer cherish;

New beginnings are beautiful,
Just make sure you are ready for it,
It is as a human so hard to see,
Where we stand and what we can become,
Sometimes you will become a scapegoat to much hurt beings,
They will merely heal a little while you nurture their being,
And yet it is a satisfying feeling,
For how many can take the burden of oneself and another,
And walk unscathed while the other healed ?
It will hurt like it was meant to,
But remember, only a few of us remain who can do that,
And still walk out with a smile,
It is a gift indeed,
To be a part of stories while you expect nothing,
Just freedom in its being !

Sunday, 27 May 2018


It was on my mind
For some time since,
We've not been talking a lot,
You've been a little detached,
Or should I say you happen to succumb,
To the loud noises around,
To the silent whispers you cannot hear,
I wish you heard me just as well,
But the burden lies within,
I hear of possibilities,
You hear of certainties,
It is devastating to know,
Life is not a thunder bolt,
It is a mere string of challenges,
And I am tired of handling them,
Hold me once and let me be free,
Let the world just crumble around us,
Let there be light,
Let me be free;

For shadows and light must play the game,
I happen to hold you dear to me,
Is it a little more than just this much,
I've been asking so much,
May be so much pondering is in vein,
I want to just scream it out,
And yet it is bundling up,
Inside my little head within;

Hold on,
Let me gain a little balance,
Let us discover the journey of love,
Can I make a statement then,
With inhibitions I choose to drop down,
It has been some time since,
I've opened up so much,
It will be hard again,
Can we make the statement then ?
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