Tuesday, 4 March 2014


While very young,
I had read density= Mass/Volume(saying the least),
And then destiny came to me to tell,
'I have a wand, the rest of it is my story',
And beyond the boundaries I became fearless,
For whatever I did,
Destiny would write the tale;

The misty fog densely covered the climb,
I felt like walking through nullity,
My turgid self felt warmth less,
While I succumbed to the blind walk;

So dense was the atmosphere,
So dense were the thoughts,
I felt myself ridicule on the puzzled blocks,
I have to say, I needed some help,
First time on this hill,
I dare say I love it as much as I dare;

A helping hand reaches out,
I thank him for I was going to fall,
Into some place,
That's way away from the city's crowd,
The mist is moving rather fast,
I presume my thoughts are getting somewhat straight,
My memory cries in distant pain,
For it is the man I had derailed,
His vices unknown,
Very soon he betrayed,
Married with kids,
He comes to rescue today?

I'm terse with question,
Memories afloat,
Should I be thankful
Or tell him why I remained silent that day,
It is no use I think,
May be I should just
Walk away.......

As told by a friend

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